Renderings, anyone? / by Emily Loker

Not everybody can see a space come together from a black-and-white plan or even a full set of architectural drawings.  It’s a skill that some people have, but most develop over time with extensive training.  A good example of this is new-build housing developments.  It is often that the price jumps once the house is built because it can be difficult to agree on an investment like that without being able to physically see the space.  Once it’s built, there is more interest because there is no more mystery to it.

This is consistent with the commercial spaces that we design. Including 3D renderings as part of the presentation gets the buy-in from often multiple stakeholders far easier than without including them.  Depending on the level of rendering that is requested, we can provide conceptual views to get the general design direction across, or we can go to the extent of photo-real renderings and even virtual reality walk-thrus, for those who are more particular about the final product.   

If you or a business you know require an interior design that includes renderings to help understand how the space will look in the end, CAKE Interior Design offers this service.  Please feel free to contact us to set up a consultation.