Roll-Outs by Emily Loker

Most of us have bread-and-butter business – clients who engage us in services that doesn’t exactly light a fire within us, but the task is generally straightforward and provides us with relatively low-stress or, let’s face it, consistent business.

Our bread-and-butter projects are roll-outs.  These are chain retail or restaurant projects, like your H&M or McDonald’s, where all stores have consistent pre-determined design elements and functionality, and need to be “rolled out” into new and remodel locations.  It’s the creation of construction and permit drawings of a tried-and-true design.  Instead of re-creating the wheel, it’s an affordable way to open a store quickly without having to re-design each element for each location.  

Sometimes these projects are a sweet relief in an otherwise hectic work year. Consistency is key to a smooth roll-out and a happy client!