Sustainability by Emily Loker

My two-year-old son is currently obsessed with trash. He always needs to look in each of the bins before and after going to daycare, and he gets excited when he puts the trash in its proper bin without our help. This past weekend, we finally set up a rolling composter and three rain barrels, so that we could make a smaller footprint on the environment.

Linking this to our business, the environment plays a large factor in what we do – whether it be utilizing the natural sunlight in areas, selecting LEDs elsewhere; specifying FSC certified wood for construction or millwork, and sourcing rapidly renewable, recycled, or reused materials for finishes, furniture, or special features. 

All of these things that are considered during the design process that seem somewhat granola-y, don’t necessarily affect how the space will look in the end. Most suppliers now have sustainable options, or have even positioned their products to be better environmental choices right from the beginning. They’re just added benefits of how any space can easily be built and operate more sustainably.