Trade Pricing - Let's Share the Benefit! / by Emily Loker

The elements of any interior space that are most interacted with by the end users tend to be the furniture, finishes, and lighting.  

These components are carefully selected by us to ensure they are not only functionally appropriate, but they also align with the desired atmosphere.

As an interior design studio, we rarely pay retail when ordering these items.  We typically pay 20 to 50% below retail pricing for everything.  We also have resources and suppliers that are not available to the general public which offer us even better pricing.

We take pride in being open and honest when we conduct business, and this extends to purchasing.  Where other designers may charge full retail pricing and keep the markup difference, we share the discount with our clients, so the client can further appreciate the value in working with CAKE.   

If you are a business who wants to renovate but is overwhelmed by how much it may cost to replace your furniture or finishes, we can help with solidifying a more desirable cost without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.