Interior Design

From concept to move in, we create quality interior spaces that successfully represent your company and the functionality and aesthetics that your business demands. We are consistent in seeing the project through to the end to ensure the integrity of the design has met your business objectives and budget.

What does this actually mean?

Project Start-Up: We begin with a client interview to obtain the necessary information to fully understand what is being asked. This may include a feasibility study, adjacency requirements (both people and fixtures), existing equipment list and measurement, site measurement, project schedule, and the project budget.

Concept Development: This is the fun part. This is where our creative juices start flowing and we are able to provide preliminary functional layouts, equipment and furniture selections, finishes and material selections, and lighting selections, all through 3D renderings and sketches. We make it easy for you to see how it all comes together.

Contract Documentation: Once you are blown away by the concept, we produce scaled and detailed drawings, equipment lists and specifications, and custom millwork and architectural details for tendering, permit, and construction. Our drawings always adhere to local and provincial building codes.

Prime Consultancy: In nearly all projects, engineers, architects, and other consultants also need to produce designs and drawings to ensure your space is constructed and operates perfectly and to code. We coordinate and review all consultant drawings to ensure nothing is missed and the integrity of the design and operation is maintained.

Contract Administration: We communicate with the client and the contractor throughout the design and construction of the project to ensure the design intent is executed as planned. This includes scheduled meetings and site visits with reports during the construction phase.

Move Coordination: You know how stressful it can be to move to a new location. We ensure your team and any existing furniture, equipment, files, toys - you name it - gets to your new location organized and in one piece.

Not limited to Southwestern Ontario, we regularly work with national and international clients.

Branding & Graphics

Branding and graphics go hand-in-hand with successful interior design. Creating a fully-integrated design encompasses every visual and physical touch point throughout the space and ensures a seamless interior that reflects your brand. Our strategic partnership with a local graphic design and branding studio streamlines how you want to be perceived by everyone everywhere.


Your store may already have a fantastic design. The problem is, business is doing so well, you need to expand to yet another location! We create permit and construction drawings that represent your business in all its glory. Each nuance of your existing design is translated into the new space to seamlessly represent your business from one location to the next.

Not everybody can see a space come together from a black-and-white set of drawings. Fortunately, we can assist in visualizing the interior design through the use of 3D renderings. Depending on the level of rendering requested, we can provide conceptual views to get the general design direction across, or photo-real and VR walk-thrus for those who are more particular about the final product.

3D Rendering